Rosie Brand

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Clay Seed Pod Workshop

12.3.22 at Heavy Manners Library, Los Angeles
12.10.22 at Artist’s Studio, San Gabriel Valley

In this workshop, participants looked to a collection of locally foraged seed pods, in order to learn from their more-than-human architectures. These tactile forms were explored through clay, using essential ceramic handbuilding techniques to create both ephemeral and permanent sculptures; clay seed pods. Some clay pods were embedded with native wildflower seeds to be gifted back to the land, and others were filled with clay ‘seeds’, making rattlers to call in the rains.

This workshop is an ongoing offering, please contact for more information on future sessions.

Holding The River, An Underground Watering Pot Workshop

hosted by Ako Castuera and Rosie Brand
October 2022.
Artists’ Studio, San Gabriel Valley.

In this one day, in-person workshop, we used ceramic handbuilding techniques to make underground watering pots (often known as ollas).  These vessels are among the most ancient and water efficient technologies for gardening in dry conditions; unglazed and low fired, they allow water to slowly release through clay walls, reaching the roots of plants while preventing surface evaporation and overwatering. With the continuation of long term drought ahead of us, the watering pot is a practical tool for delivering water to where it’s needed in the garden. To bring hands and intention to the creation & use of this vessel is a way to hold and sustain our connection to water as a living being.

We gratefully acknowledge Payahuunadu (aka Owens Valley) as a primary, living source of water that has been unwillingly diverted to faucets and hoses in Los Angeles, and we honor the Nuumu / Owen’s Valley Paiute as her stewards.

‘Holding’ allows a shift from language of money and control (“conservation” “efficiency” “savings”) towards something more personal. We hold the water that keeps us alive. We hold the water of many living bodies, all mixed up: Payahuunadu, The Colorado River, the Feather River, and many, many others. They flow into and out of our homes, passing through pipes, pumps, buckets, our bodies and bathtubs. With very basic acts, we hold and shape the river. How will the river shape us?

This workshop has been practiced with three separate groups in October 2022, It is an ongoing project, we hope to offer future sessions.