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On this page you can purchase tickets to upcoming public workshops.

My workshops aim to meet hands-on learning experiences with deep collective thinking. I think it makes a huge difference to learn through tactile exploration, to chat and play as we make, cross-pollinating our ideas.

These are the skills we build together, to fertilize new ways of thinking and re-member ritualistic making practices, for communion with an always changing, growing, dying, living world.

Hope to see you at a workshop soon!

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Workshop Terms and Conditions


Clay Seed Pod Workshop - Family Day!

June 2, 10.30am - 12.30pm at Plant Material, Altadena

This upcoming class is a special edition of the Clay Seed Pod Workshop, inviting all-ages and family groups! Work collaboratively on speculative botanical creations; ceramics to treasure forever.

We’ll observe a collection of locally foraged seed pods, getting to know the plants in our local ecology, and learning from their more-than-human architectures.

Exploring these tactile forms through clay, we’ll practice essential ceramic handbuilding techniques to create botanical sculptures: Clay Seed Pods.

This workshop asks, what can be learned by looking closely at the very small, the often unnoticed, the dispossessed and decomposing parts of our world?

These intricate anomalous structures have been teachers for me in my artistic practice. Seed pods have much to say about holding carefully, about carrying precious and precarious futures. Seed pods know how to make and unmake themselves, they contain the knowledge of letting go. These forms are a beyond-human language.

One you can only speak with your hands.

This class is open to students of all levels of clay experience, open to all-ages and family groups.
All children under 11 must be accompanied by an adult.
Suitable for children ages 5+

The ticket price includes the cost of materials and firing.*
You can make up to three hand-held sculptures, depending on time.

Please note; your sculptures will need to be dried and fired, and will be available for pick up from Plant Material 2-3 weeks after the day of the class. You will recieve a reminder email when your pods are ready.

*If the ticket price presents a significant barrier and you are experiencing underemployment, are low-income or in a precarious living situation, there are sliding scale tickets available here.