Rosie Brand

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Field Journal


I am interested in altering everyday human perception by focusing on the minute details of plant morphology. In my field journal, I draw wild neighbourhood plants, observing the tactile characteristics of my local ecology along the Arroyo Seco. I watch red alder roots breathe in the water, listening for the stories of mugwort and manroot. I learn to distinguish corolla from calyx, to recognise subtle changes as a bloom bloats to fruit. To avoid extraction, I forage the negative space between stem and branch, the serrated line at toyon-leaf edge. I find perfectly architectured seed pods in the mulch, ephemeral structures that teach how to hold, and to release. This practice of gathering is what feeds my studio work, an exploration of found forms; intertwining ceramics, drawing and writing into speculative worlds for becoming-with the more-than-human.