Rosie Brand

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Field Drawings

Studies of Live Oaks along the River (Arroyo Seco), soft pastel / oil pastel on paper, 2022

Alders Growing in the Creek (Arroyo Seco), soft pastel on paper, June-July 2022

Alder roots interacting with the creek water (Arroyo Seco), July 2022

Alders and Oaks Along the Creek, June 2022.

Pines at Blue Ridge, Soft pastel on paper / oil pastel on paper,  May 2022

Botanical Study: Bladderpods
, 2022

Botanical Study: Manzanita, April 2022

Botanical Study: Mulefat, Rio de Los Angeles State Park, Oil and Soft Pastel on paper, June 2022

Montaña de Oro I & II, soft pastel on paper, September, 2020

Live Oak in Arroyo Seco Park, wax pastel on paper, 2020

Shadow Drawings

Selected field drawings, tracing the shade cast on paper.

Botanical Study

Soft Pastel on Paper / Graphite on Paper, January 2022

Pacific Pea, soft pastel on paper /  Yellow Bird of Paradise (Caesalpinia Gilliesii), soft pastel on paper, March 2022.

Newsprint Mural

June 2020
A project undertaken during the pandemic lockdown in Los Angeles, 2020. The work consists of a series of drawings on newsprint, that when laid together create a mural that can be installed in public space.

Selected Drawings

Wax pastels on paper, Spring, 2020


Imagined Fruit, Wax pastel on Paper, 2022

Pattern, oil pastel on paper, 2022

Soft pastel on black paper, 2020

Abstract I & II, Oil pastel on paper, 2021

Beasts, seventeen oil pastel studies, 2021